Today’s Kyoto (Fall 2022), Chishakuin Temple (智積院)

“Chishakuin is the headquarters of the approximately 3,000 temples nationwide belonging to the Chisan School of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism. During the Edo period, it flourished as a center for Buddhist studies and training, receiving over 500 monks, not only from the Shingon Sect but from other sects also.At present, it serves as a training center for Chisan Shingon monks, and additionally as a place for members of the public to hold memorial services for their ancestors, pray for wishes to be answered, and study Buddhism.” (Excerpt from Panphlet of Chishakuin Temple)


◎ Garden

◎ Maple trees in Fall

◎ Not as crowded as other major famous temples

Small path to the temple next to the main entrance
A path to the garden/Ticket booth is sitting on the right /300 yen per Adult
It’s really nice to just sit on the porch and look over the yard for awhile to clear your mind

This was my first visit to this temple and I really enjoyed the autumn leaves, garden and being in less crowded atmosphere. Highly recommended for those who want to experience it’s “specials”.