Nijo-Jo Castle(二条城)City of Kyoto

Nijo-jo castle was completed in 1603 on the orders of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder and first Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate(1603-1867) and it was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994.

This castle is well known for the announcement of restoring imperial rule from Tokugawa shogunal rule in 1867. (Taisei Houkan, 大政奉還)

I made a quick visit to Nijo-jo castle and I’m going to share some pictures.

Across from the exit of Nijojo Subway Station

Entrance Gate

Karamon Gate – Check out the brilliantly colored carvings

Ninomaru-goten Palace (Photography is prohibited inside the palace.)

This palace consists of 6 connected buildings, 33 rooms and over 800 tatami mats.

Ninomaru Garden

There are more to see other than what I shared.

Although the admission fee is a little high, it will be a recommended tourist attraction for those who are interested in Japanese history. There are many gardens and it is a large place, so it is recommended to visit during the cooler season.