JR Nagahama Station(長浜駅), Shiga Prefecture

There are several tourist attractions around JR Nagahama Station, including Kurokabe Square, an area famous for its glasswork. There are also stores and traditional buildings lined up.

This time, since I brought my child with me, I will introduce the Nagahama Railway Museum and Nagahama Castle, both of which are just a short walk from the station.

Nagahama Railway Museum

This museum is the oldest preserved extant station building. (Built in 1882)

The exhibition shows what it was like back then. (Waiting Room)

Reference Room with Replica

Diorama Space

Nagahama Castle is believed to have been completed in 1577, but the current Nagahama Castle was rebuilt in 1983.

View from the top floor

Nagahama: Why not stop by during your train trip?