Today’s Kyoto (Fall 2022) Ginkakuji Temple (銀閣寺)

Ginkakuji Temple had its origins in 1482 and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994.

Entering the entrance of the temple, you can see a very fascinationg Japanese garden all around the area.

Entrance fee is 500/Adult.

Kyoto has been having warm days this fall even though it looks like the temperature will drop next week.

Along the “path of philosophy=Tetsugaku no Michi” from the south to Ginkakuji Temple

Nice looking cafe restaurant on the way

Japanese traditional Yu-Tofu restaurant

The entrance of Ginkakuji Temple

Amazing view from where I stand

This is the main building well known as the Silver Pavilion

Personally, I feel that this year’s fall foliage has a beautiful gradation of colors. Although they lack redness, the various colors are very beautiful compared to the avarage years.